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This small city park to achieve a number of purposes: it is in the historical background of the urban space, this part of the town with a new and clear identity, to the people of Montreal instilled a sense of pride, and in the design methodology, provides a good example for how to become a real scene a research platform.

The lighting scheme is attractive for lighting concept, the real problem is the seasonal changes in light "how is sustainable, or Montreal people over time will be accustomed to the scene that no longer have any special. The natural lighting environment is changing, but not very large. Therefore, the designer's physical response to these subtle changes is continuous, and defines the way people feel psychologically and physically.

In Montreal, you can see the lights in the main square of the horizontal plane, vertical surface such as the surrounding environment does not include the facade, some of the most luxurious apartment in Montreal, but they are not a part of the overall concept of. These elevations may also be dealt with, which will bring extra quality to the project. Taking into account the most important artistic quality of the project, the task is not to question it from an artistic standpoint. Maybe we shouldn't over analyze the project such as the Fr res- Charon square. After all, we should never lose sight of "fun."".


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