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Japanese companies to reduce the production of LCD screen LCD screen

According to foreign reports, MITSUBISHI motor, Hitachi and other LCD manufacturers are currently narrowing the number of computer production of liquid crystal display panel, to produce more mobile phone with a liquid crystal display panel. MITSUBISHI Electric has made a decision to withdraw from the LCD market in three years. Analysts pointed out that since the LCD manufacturers such as South Korea and Taiwan to China competitive price reduction in the fierce competition constantly, Japanese manufacturers have to concentrate resources to adjust the direction of the product, from the product to the miniaturization of mobile devices such as mobile phone LCD products for computer.

After 2008, MITSUBISHI Motor Company will no longer produce computer with liquid crystal display panel, on the other hand, MITSUBISHI will strengthen the sensor device (touch screen) with the development of LCD products, MITSUBISHI in the three quarter of 05 computer LCD products accounted for 15% of total LCD products, the fourth quarter will be reduced to 10%. SANYO EPSON image company has stopped the production of computer LCD screen.

Hitachi Corporation Hitachi display equipment company will also increase the output of mobile phone use LCD screen, LCD screen and computer output by 10%.

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