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South Korea large panel factory to strengthen the procurement of equipment manufacturers in Taiwan

Taiwan Longmen large machine tools and machine manufacturers such as Japan's TOSHIBA cheap compared to at least 30%, Korean auto parts processing and TFT-LCD industry of Taiwan machine tool manufacturers have to strengthen procurement.

Among them, Yawei company before July of this year, total exports of thirteen units, shipments amounted to about one hundred and ten million yuan NT; Zongge industry, the near future will be shipped three units in the high price of Longmen type machine tools to Korea, the total amount of up to twenty-four million yuan nt.

Total company deputy general Lin Mengjing pointed out that South Korea LG, Samsung two panel plant growing rapidly, driven by the upper and lower panel industry booming; Longmen type machine tools and the total grid production, travel from three meters to six meters range, quality has not lost to the Japanese goods, but the price is cheaper to each other more than 30% have been favored by the South Korean panel industry, the first half of the total shipments of ten units to each other, representing an increase of four times. In the Korean business confidence after use, in addition to the requirements of the development of larger, the total grid travel up to seven. The Longmen type machine tools five meters, more will increase the purchasing volume, recently there are three sets of machine tool orders will be signed, each price is as high as eight million yuan, which belongs to the senior models quite high added value.

Because the local Korean Daewoo Machinery production, its strength lies in lathe products, to machining less ink, not only Korean manufacturers have increased panel processing of Taiwan machine tool procurement, even the local electronics, auto mold, auto parts manufacturers have to enhance the Taiwan purchase, so I lost the number of Korean machine tools is increasing.

AWEA said, as of the first half, Longmen Korean business tools for purchasing Yawei machine has reached eleven, apart from a few moving column, almost all fixed column type are mainly used in the production of large size TFT-LCD panel related mold, due to continued growth in orders, expected the panel, inspired Taiwan downstream manufacturers began to use domestic comprehensive processing machine, drive panel equipment products self-sufficiency trend.

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