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Lumileds push the new 2835 package, the efficiency can reach as high as 200 lm/W

A few days ago, Lumileds announced the launch of a new LUXEON 2835 HE LED. The efficiency of this series of LED is as high as 200 lm/W, which provides a new definition for the color consistency of LED in the market. These new LED are effectively optimized to achieve excellent efficiency and two order macadam ellipse color consistency in dark lamp troughs and high shed / low floor lamps.

LUXEON 2835 HE (source: Lumileds official website)

Lumileds Sam Wu, the product manager of the power product line, said, "these LED have tight color dots that are not available in other medium power devices of similar products. The two order macadam ellipse Design Suite achieves the best color consistency to meet the needs of harsh lighting applications. Under the driving current of 65 mA, these LED can achieve 36 LM luminous flux and 202 lm/W efficiency. When the driving current is 480 mA, the luminous flux of 220 LM (4000K and 80 CRI) can be achieved.

Sam Wu explains, "LUXEON 2835 HE is very suitable for applications where the luminaire efficiency must be greater than 150 lumen / tile, and the number of LED must be minimized, such as dark light trough, spotlight and light bulb." Lumileds's high reliability design enables LUXEON 2835 HE to provide more light for smaller general lighting applications.

LUXEON 2835 HE provides a series of CRI choices of color temperature and 70 to 90, which can be used in various general lighting designs. These LED can be used immediately to replace 2835 LED packages (2.8 x 3.5 mm) or to replace 5630 (5.6 x 3 mm) with similar optical requirements or 3030 (3 x 3 mm) power bulbs. (Editor: LED net James)

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