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Appreciation of lighting project of Castillo square in Vitacura district (two)

When Paulina Sir was commissioned to illuminate the Flamingos designed by Mardones, she didn't have to look too far for inspiration. Their shape and volume are reminiscent of the Atacama Desert landscape, flocks of flamingos in the beautiful in their choice of the route, the sun with all its spectral color reflects their fine feather color. The concept of lighting design takes hold of the changing colors of the desert, and transforms it into the development of the day. Just as the rays of the sun from the North pass through the natural habitat of birds, the flamingos in Castillo's Square are illuminated by the northern side of the square in order to create an attractive landscape in the night. The city has slowed down its pace and is amazed at the huge Flamingo landscape, which makes them look like they are moving in the park.

Public lighting in the "must do" on the agenda of a high degree of energy efficiency assessment, in order to be loyal to this trend of modernization, which is the first to use LED lighting in Chile square. Paulina Sir in the square in the Flamingo has selected strong colors, the scene surrounding the use of low level of brightness white light along to continue and support Vitacura blocks of the city once again to ensure the quality, and lower power consumption.

Lighting can be sealed behind the seat, flower pots and other city furniture. Buried spotlights illuminate trees and turn them into living lamps. This means that the design team can dispense with the lamp post in the square.


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