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Analysis of the dual significance of German Library and media center lighting

Germany's Isaacson University of economics, science and culture needs to transform the two parts of the front of the parking lot in front of the teaching building. One is the library; the other is the school's media teaching center. One of the challenges for designers is to allow light to fully display the building, while there will be no "light pollution" phenomenon. Lighting, therefore, has a dual meaning: it is necessary to make the building look bright,

But also to play a moving emotion, the formation of dialogue with the building.

The library is 5 stories high, with the upper part of the top of the tunnel hanging out of the top of the Gustav-Freytag-Strasse Street above 3. After nightfall, the installation of the main entrance above the canopy lights outline the spatial contour, comfortable light that passers-by could not help but want to stay here. Lighting plays a good role in the public and private sectors. The installation of a narrow beam of light metal halogen spotlights will illuminate the entrance to guide people into the building.

The hall and the circulation area of the building are all green. The hall LED lamp adds a matte diffuser,

So that the hall of light effect quiet and soft, and the continuity of the atmosphere of the entrance. One side of the hall placed a blue chair, and the ground with the green pleasing to the eye. Designers choose the use of diffuse fluorescent lamp with the lighting to make the color look more quiet, soft. Bright lights and dark colored concrete wall surface contrast, and the facade of the building lighting effect echoes.

The information center of the front desk and each floor is designed by the architect himself, forming a unified whole with the building. All of the tables are made of white, a mixture of natural mineral and acrylic acid.


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