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Analysis of Sanhe three garden lighting project (two)

Sanhe three Park, as its name implies, is a series of landscape nodes through the line along the river, showing the Changzhou tourism culture. The starting point is the dock after Dongpo Park, the ancient ruins of Rochester (now transformed into a new landscape node reflects the atmosphere of traditional culture), Hongmei Park, the old city center, after gradually into the urban areas with high-rise residential based, after entering the Beitang river water conservancy section, is the ecological tourist area. Green main body with moderate landscape composition, and then arrived at the Chinese Dinosaur park. Lighting design in accordance with the full range of landscape rhythm, the shape of a change, there is a sense of rhythm of different scenarios, here focuses on the following.

Dongpo wharf: where the landscape carrier for the classical elements, the design uses a soft warm yellow light to illuminate the main building, contrast the overall atmosphere of the traditional. The river side of the boardwalk, railing with warm yellow square lamp, the other side of the River plant with 3000K high color metal halide lamp light on both sides of the unified, relative, together with the reflection in the water, quiet and formed rich layers of visual effects.

Green mountains and rivers: residential construction volume big, free layout is sparse, the overall lighting performance should not be building picture, here, the design team to the overall building group as background, carefully arranged green jade LED linear lights, line dimensions, abstract pattern well-proportioned, means the castle green water, has formed the natural beauty of the scenery picture, and the dark fire scene the transformation of hidden landscapes embody youyuan.

BaiCaoYuan: in this scenario, the left bank building to deal with external public lighting the staircase structure lattice, roof frame, color jade, the golden. And the right side of the landscape of the soft carrier lighting is to form a soft form of dialogue to restore the original color of the main scenery, such as red, green trees, golden yellow.

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