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How to use light to express the depth of space?

Tainan, the birthplace of Taiwan, is the oldest city in taiwan. Fucheng after Holland period, during the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty period, the Japanese colonial period that Tainan has been the focus of political and economic culture of Taiwan. Because of this historical origin, through the accumulation of more than 300 years of traditional culture, the Tainan heritage sites are also many, become an alternative to the ancient capital of culture". Tainan is also in the light of historical and cultural reflection, and actively carry out the cultural deduction for human development, especially in the preservation of historical monuments and maintenance as a priority, Tainan makes the construction more humanistic color.

With the concept of "blessing" to extend the image of the lighting, the use of low-key warm 3000K light, the use of "light" to describe the Oriental architectural vocabulary and the characteristics of local folk sculpture combined. The combination of low lighting and the overall design of the lantern, giving people a psychological feeling of stability, but also to express the idea of protecting the villagers. While outdoor come through "the divine light" combined with the goalkeeper and echo the lantern, to convey the thoughts of peace day blessing.

The use of "light" to the performance of the entrance hall of the depth of space, clever contrast to the spatial light and the formation of the visual penetration of incense burner, carved stone pillars and the sense of hierarchy out of the stone wall. The entrance image uses the light to mold the solemn and peaceful atmosphere, and uses the projection light source to emphasize the symbol of auspicious Oriental Dragon column.

Especially in the column on the performance of a strong contrast to the light and shadow, the pillars carved on the dragon as if there is vitality, in the darkness to guide the people into the blessing. Entrance hall uses the level of light and shade to divide the area, extend visual scale to penetrate the front, middle and rear hall, increase the visual depth of space.

Special custom palace droplight and wall lamp, placed in the coordination of the sacred space, will set the illumination brightness contrast within 150lx in the overall control of the bucket space solemn and stable atmosphere, with the spiritual guidance of public ownership. The maximum brightness of light to highlight the main temple of the spirit, and the gods of the shrine will express the sense of hierarchy division, United will guard their homes.

The temple space and lanterns echo recognition of its cultural spirit, with "Xin Fu" concept of the temple space and real folk characteristics combined with elements of traditional architecture Chinese lattice window to create a "safe goodfortune" image display in the temple palace chandeliers, guide public space of the soul belonging to. The low-key warm light, created a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, to the stability of the psychological feeling, also expressed: bless the villagers. According to the way of using a combination of lanterns and diffuse, made a new attempt and the temple space.


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