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Material cultural heritage: Terracotta Army No. three pit (two)

No. three pit the cultural relics individual is the restoration of the Terracotta Army (North) with broken pieces of cultural relics (South), for the general Museum of individual performance, mainly in the following: the control of lighting uniformity, stereo feeling, light and dark contrast.

In the pit three lighting in the Museum of cultural relics, in addition to conventional individual performance, is mainly to the overall atmosphere of tunnel performance, so the tunnel group in the north and South warriors as subject to performance, and on the basis of selection of distinctive warriors to focus on shape. Select the intelligent lighting control system to control the single point lighting, to meet the needs of the annual exposure of the cultural relics, convenient maintenance and replacement of lamps.

The pressure surrounding the incomplete mining dark environment, incomplete performance figurines body, antlers, lintel remains three key areas in the spotlight.

Focusing the light in the three figurines corner of the body, the cross beam in the ruins of antlers, on the lintel.

Located in the No. three pit south of the south wing from east is divided into four rooms, corridors, and then the real. After the restoration of the scene, is mainly used to show the original layout of Terracotta Army; the use of regional linear light reflects the difference between the arrangement of the No. three pit of terracotta warriors and other pits, is focused on the performance of the relationship between the guard formations, rather than specific figures body; while the narrow beam for soldiers detailed expressions such as armor the shape of the head hair change, change of the detailed characterization.

Is the doorway is No. three pit car barn, unearthed by wooden Si 1 chariots, horses 4 horses, 4 warrior figurines. Focus on the shape of the horse to shape the action of the horse, with the light of the middle and the two sides of the different characteristics of the horse, and the army on the vehicle, the shape of its different expression characteristics.


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