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Chang Qing palace lighting design analysis (two)

Along the path taken down to form a light, people once again recalled the past space, let people have feelings freely floating up. As a result, the winter night adds luster to the Chang Qing palace night scene is very dazzling.

The lights of Chang Qing palace are different from that of the artificial lights in the big cities. It is light and dark and soft, like natural light, as if the touch of the light, protecting the cultural property. With the Moon Palace, who came here while walking, while a languid mood all day away, no bound to a peaceful heart to feel free, with a plenty of feelings with time and space, can be described as "romantic master".

In the lighting apparatus to avoid direct light exposure and light phenomenon, and reduce visual fatigue, especially for North Korea early era of wooden building, has an important value of the Changgyeong Front Gate 11 Philip door is using a serene light, the lighting inside the palace by the grass, see neochem the door from the outside, but can not see the lighting appliances it. The entity is used to use light to guide the route during the Korean wedding lantern (with celadon blue clouds pattern made of silk body outside with red cloth wrapped into ancient lanterns), through the irradiation of Korean traditional mild cloth and clean the light. The green light emitted by the trees in the spring pond pond is reflected in a mysterious atmosphere. This hides the long history of the Korean Dynasty and the light of the nature of the wind together, lingering in the pond pond.

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