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Lighting design of Chang Qing Palace (Part 1)

Chang Qing palace is a palace in the Korean history, and now the historical and cultural heritage of Republic of Korea. Changgyeonggung palace was built in 1484 (15 years in years) at the time of the emperor, in order to build the palace, and the majestic and magnificent palace is different, it is surrounded by trees and flowing streams of a wild profusion of vegetation landscape, like the jungle palace. Changgyeonggung palace is a palace located in Seoul, it is a dense forest and the water in the garden.

In order to commemorate the 50 anniversary of the establishment of the cultural heritage administration, in the winter of 2011 night, to the public to show the magnificent hall of the Ming Dynasty (No. 226 national treasure) cultural heritage and beautiful night palace.

Changgyeong light seemed to trace the history of the palace travel "like the feeling of lighting makes people comfortable, he became the emperor's palace walk in the moonlight.

In the Hong door (Palace Front Gate), spring pond (Lake), Ming Zheng (temple was the emperor's place) area put physical light, the cultural property and the coordination of the light into the moonlight, here will let people feel the history and tradition of the aroma. In Front Gate Philip Huamen at Changgyeong using high efficiency and high color lighting, show the ancient architecture (in wooden buildings, with a variety of colors to draw lines, beautiful and solemn natural beauty decoration).

Along the path along the gleaming pace, hear the leaves from all sides came the sound, the noises of insects, grass flowing brook and the sounds of nature, people can feel the natural breath, he thought.

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