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York Duke square lighting

Duke square is located in the king's road, York, is a bustling public space and retail business district, including all kinds of shops, cafes and leisure areas. During the day, the sun projected over the trees will be scattered mottled shadows to the square. The outdoor lighting interesting, lighting design goal of DPA Lighting Consultants is an extension of this piece of the Kings Road in the downtown area of the use of time, until the night, the light illumination level to improve the environment and increase the attractiveness of the distance. In addition, it is also necessary to provide a lighting scheme will not produce "visual confusion".

The overall level of illumination across the square is too low, and some very low light areas need special attention. Through the lack of light in the light of the most light, lighting designers to effectively improve the comfort of space, thereby stimulating the utilization of the evening square.

As a countermeasure, the projection lamp installed on the tree casts a simple spaced leaf pattern that provides a "texture" of light for the ground under the tree". In this way there is a different kind of lighting effect in the pedestrian area, which raises the overall level of illumination in an interesting way and does not allow the lighting to appear on the ground.

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