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Low lying areas in the garden how to design lighting facilities?

In the Western Garden in low-lying areas, trees around a lake and some stone, located below the outlet side of the car park bench. In contrast to the cold moonlight from top to bottom, the ventilation slots, flower and trees are 28W 3000K fluorescent light emitted from the light yellow bottom is almost as very warm. The light overflows from the ventilation trough and lights up the ground.

In the construction stage, to build a dining terrace. LED lighting system is installed on the lower side of the balcony. The human eye can't see these LED one by one. Only the surface of the pool can reflect the beautiful lights. LED lighting system is also installed on the handrail of the stairs, can reflect the structure, but also to increase security. In order to create another kind of relative warmth with the cold moonlight, the balcony has been designed and installed with some custom suspended lamps. The 10 cylindrical chandeliers provide an extra soft, warm light that illuminates the floor evenly. Their ideas are divided into two levels: the exquisite copper core is used to match the dining atmosphere, while the steel outer layer echoes the rugged industrial heritage. The lights on the patio are equally important during the day and at night. The interior of the lamp using the 65W halogen light source, up the light to simulate the effect of candles. Another halogen light source is installed at the bottom of the lamp, the table will be lit down, the table of illumination reached 50lx.

Lighting designers use reflective halogen light source to illuminate the terrace and its surrounding areas, candles, as one of the oldest known light source, will naturally make people feel warm and comfortable. Hanging lamps and other warm lighting elements, is the right choice, so that lighting design has played a role, people enjoy the feeling here and stay up late. Ceramic metal halide light source and mirror reflector. The cool color of 6200K makes the light appear blue, creating a dramatic cold night effect, which is an impressive moonlight glow in the trees.

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