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The National Stadium "full nest" night effect

During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the National Stadium "bird's nest" is particularly important. Not only to consider the normal appearance of the image point of view, but also consider the effect of helicopter camera overlooking from above. In particular, it should be noted that the effect of lighting to highlight the uniqueness of the building, so that the main body of the stadium as a landmark.

The night effect of the National Stadium "bird's nest"

According to the different conditions used in the stadium, such as weekdays, festivals and major events, major festivals and activities, such as the level of the design of the overall lighting effect. The function of the stadium lighting also take into account this day (including sports lighting, seating area lighting, as well as the use of special chandelier lighting). On the basis of functional lighting, the lighting effect is set up, so as to achieve the overall lighting design principles.

The night effect of the National Stadium "bird's nest"

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