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The effect of the night light on the natural experience of the night

King Road on both sides of the square, the south side of the adult trees to become the perfect natural light projector installation. The focal length of the projection lamp, as well as the selection and size of the patterns are carefully considered. Through a simple clock control, the square is now a new sense of drama and dynamic effects to meet the second life after dusk. The light filled texture of the projection lamp is a continuation of the natural experience of the day, as if the summer afternoon crept into the embrace of the night.

When there is a need for lighting in some places, the lighting designer will be careful to consider the appearance of the product during the day. The utility model relates to a single upright post lamp with a simple sculpture feeling, which is directly connected with the structural entity which is used as a seat. The light from the lamp post creates a unique pattern of intense patterning on the stone floor.

DPA's design team is conscious of the long life, low energy consumption and the most important is the appropriate light source, rather than the fall in the LE D frenzy". In this case, the most suitable light source is a ceramic metal halide lamp and fluorescent lamp T5.

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