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Pedestrian street lighting design case

On the walking street of the king's road to the development project, two lifelike sculptures exist quietly. In the evening, a narrow beam of light from a nearby building targets the two sculptures, casting their shadows on the ground, making the sculpture, whether it's jumping or sitting still more vibrant.

Some deeper levels of light are introduced to increase the appropriate depth for the design. Making obvious highlight points and points of interest are realized by some vertical elements such as lighting, building facades, both have scenery or near afar. The buried and surface mounted luminaires are equipped with a warm white light source of gold halogen to enhance the building and its details. The lighting around the square also allows the main open area to be able to use a relatively low level of illumination, while obtaining a comfortable and feel safe public behavior environment.

Custom signs in retail stores are designed to support up and down lighting devices that will light up the building facade and the pedestrian area. The vertical surface of the linear seat structure is highlighted by the aid of the visual orientation.

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