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The transformation of the elevated railway line into a post industrial leisure park

This is a 1.45 mile (about 2333.55m) elevated railway line length, from Gansevoort (Gansevoort), ending at 34 street, width from 9m to 18m range. The building is divided into three phases: a period from Gansevoort to 20 Street (0.5 miles); two from 20 street to 30 Street (0.5 miles); three from 30 street to both sides of the railway station (0.45 miles).

Built at the end of 30 in twentieth Century, the elevated railway was designed to eliminate the danger of crossing the street. Since the last train passed in 1980, the abandoned railway was covered with wild flowers and grass, creating a unique landscape. At present, the railway is considered to be an important property of the city, the design team to explore the unique beauty of the elevated railway, intended to build the industrial freight rail into a post industrial park.

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