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Wuxi Lingshan palace building Chinese appreciation

Located in Jiangsu city of Wuxi province Lingshan Fangong Lingshan is the three phase of the project the main project, is 150m long, and about 180m long, a total area of more than 7 square meters. Lingshan palace hall, tower Hall Gallery consists of 3 parts, the altar. Boarded the top of the palace, just like stepping into the maze, and feel its size, deep environment. Fangong corridor is the crown structure, high 18m, length of nearly 80m. Tower hall space is huge, the building for the dome structure, tower hall and the main tower up and down through the top, the space is nearly 60m. Fangong alter as "the main venue of the world Buddhist Forum", the participants can accommodate 1500 people, will be built Fangong alter regularly held Buddhist cultural performances, interactive form static display and dynamic demonstration.

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