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Lingshan to build the "colorful glazed Fangong avatamsaka"

Lingshan palace interior is divided into three spaces: Gallery hall, tower hall, the altar. Inside the palace the most splendid culture and Art Gallery Gallery is one hall, nearly one hundred meters long corridor for vaults, tall and majestic, beautifully carved on both sides of the pillars, and 12 white painting shows a huge oil painting of the world culture complement each other. Dome lighting using LED contour lamp, a reasonable layout of the lamp can make the hall on the uniform illumination, light into the appropriate, no glare, and can be neat, beautiful, and building coordination. To create a "colorful glazed Avatamsaka" gorgeous unusual, lots of gold, inlaid precious material if the cat's eye, emerald, coral, agate, red Blaupunkt etc.. Glazed backlight using LED cast light lamps to create a mysterious, pure, dreamy mood, clever highlight material effect.

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