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What is the role of light?

Corridor of central tower hall, is part of the CLS architectural interior space, tower hall and flower tower dome on the bottom, of great momentum and grand space, up to 60 meters. Standing in the tower hall looked up, tall space and exquisite dome stunning. Corresponding to the tower of the central floor of the ground, "in full bloom" there is a pool of lotus, the people will be introduced into the heart of the lotus open elegant and quiet realm. 60m high sky, the use of white LED light source, flashing in the dark blue background, the emergence of illusory star effect. The most obvious example of the role of light is to enlarge or shrink the area of space, which, of course, is a visual effect. The light will illuminate the tower hall wall, with the function of expanding the space; the use of wall lighting, easy to produce a sense of illusion, while the effect of the formation of a continuation of lighting.

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