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In lighting design, how to hide the lamp?

Indoor lighting to artificial light, for ordinary activities, civic activities and television activities to create a powerful image of the lighting. Lighting has become an integral part of the architectural image and appearance. It is one of the many challenges to create bright spaces and highlight architectural features, while providing a lot of functional lighting. The complexity of architecture and interior design, as well as the speed of installation, means that the coordination of lighting details is very challenging. A conceptual design study and a variety of physical models are required to ensure that large and multi-level lighting effects can create an independent lighting organization. Light well hidden in the vault, barrier, wall frame with local characteristics, musharabia (carved wooden) are hidden behind a lot of light. As a result, the building looks like a natural glow. Lighting highlights the Dali stone and mosaic, glass mosaic, gypsum board carving and calligraphy. Each material is illuminated by a corresponding technique to reveal its natural texture and context. Cibula (Qibla) wall is worshipers, is a unique built-in lighting works, giving life to the wall; wall material is no longer visible, but has become a part of the symbolic luminous plate. The terminal light-emitting fiber illuminates the gold curtain behind the 99 names of Allah, while the side glowing optical fiber shows the organic shape of the grape leaves and plants.

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