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Which part of the building is more important?

The overall image of the building is very important, it can ensure that the building will become a landmark of the city, and provide amazing interior space. The calendar is the basis of the Islamic calendar, so the moon's cycle is used as a source of inspiration for external lighting. This creates an important symbolic connection between the building and the sky. The silhouette of the mysterious moonlight through the clouds forms the basic conceptual image. In the main prayer hall, light is used as part of the prayer wall to keep the audience's attention. Light is almost a physical entity attached to the wall, giving the inscription a supernatural existence. On the day of the full moon, the exterior of the building is shrouded in a gray light, similar to the soft moonlight seen from earth. Jonathan (Jonathan Speirs) explained: "the moon has an impact on the tide, we want to have a moon in the same way affect the building of the. The idea is that the moon is full of pure white light at the full moon, and the texture makes us feel that the clouds are slowly falling in front of the white full moon. As the moon wanes in its 28 day cycle, the lights gradually become more and more blue as a symbol of darkness. On the fourteenth night, the mosque was reflected in the deepest blue. "

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