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World Expo, Shanghai, UK: Dandelion theme (three)

And the same is true of its lighting, or colorful, or eye-catching "bright spot" in the middle, it net cable, introverted, slightly shining bright. The dandelion has a tiny LED light source at the top of each tentacle. During the day, the tentacles will be like the optical fiber as the transmission of light to provide internal lighting, to create a sense of emergence and shock both space: night, touch, the built-in light source can illuminate the whole building, so that the glow. These tentacles can perceive and respond to the outdoor lighting conditions, so in the room, although not see, but can change the brightness of the light through the canopy of the cloud drift.

World Expo, Shanghai, UK: Dandelion theme (three)

Designers hope to create an atmosphere of admiration - a silent but powerful interior space for people to reflect and think for a moment, thinking about how to use nature to meet the challenges facing the city.

Shanghai World Expo after the closing, like dandelion seeds will be blown away by wind, unlimited life "Seed Cathedral" 60 thousand tentacles will spread to Chinese Britain and hundreds of schools, has become a special heritage left the British Museum in Shanghai in 2010 in World Expo.


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