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Interactive lighting art of underground passage in railway station

March 18, 2011, the Swiss Arrau railway station subway line officially opened. The lighting design concept from Switzerland Zurich lighting designer Rolf - Del (Rolf Derrer) and architect Mateja Vejo Val (Mateja Vehovar), Stephen (Stefa Jauslin), Joe. They will be underground walkway into an interesting dynamic light space. Taking into account its primary function is to connect the two parts of the town, Arrau railway station underground pedestrian passage is considered an important element of the overall reform of the station. At present, the 53m long Einstein channel installed 21 from the ceiling to the floor height of the LED panel, embedded in the back of the glass box. The purpose of dynamic lighting design is to create a pleasant space, through pictures, colors, patterns and movements to arouse people's feelings.

Interactive lighting art of underground passage in railway station

In addition to the 180 basic scenarios stored on the central server, the design also takes into account the space, time and movement, as the name suggests.

The network composed of 10 sensors can not only recognize the number of passers-by, but also identify the direction and speed of their movements, thus triggering different scenarios. As a result, pedestrians in the past will directly affect the landscape of the underpass.


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