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The United States "fired" permanent lighting device

"Reflection" is a permanent lighting device installed in the hall of the Stephen P.Clark government center in Miami. Commissioned by public space art management organization in Miami Dade County, Focus Lighting and Ivan Toth Depena jointly developed artists of this art space. As the government building is an important stop in the subway system, Depena is trying to integrate the concept of daily flow into the work of the sensor and the light tube. Team made up of 5 4m high LED light box, width of 1.8 to 0.73M, installed in the hall. Focus Lighting for this project to develop a camera tracking software, this software can be collected through the data collected through the abstract reflection.

Miami "launch" device

When no motion can be captured, the light box can also replay the recorded animation before the interaction with the pedestrian. The introduction of the Miami city is the construction of a prototype to help visualize the lighting interaction. In addition, the designer must address all processes from the design of the light box to the installation and control of the process. This device not only allow visitors to participate in interactive, more aware of the "social group interaction and high-tech entertainment". Color change according to time. "Pixel" depends on the distance between the visitor and the light box. The "reflection" of the tourists is very accurate, so that they can easily identify themselves.


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