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"Beijing, Poyang, China" by the ecological problems caused by works

Light is a natural phenomenon. Lighting designer to control it by artificial means, whether it is through the lamp or light effect, in fact, is to do a house for it, in order to make better use of it, bring better visual effects. The light turns the invisible into the visible, the light itself is like air, wind and water, there is no specific form, can be large or small. To some extent, our work is in the simulation of natural light, if the infinite expansion of our design, but also for the form of daylight.

Works in water as the title, concerned about environmental protection. In 2011, the water level in Poyang Lake reached a record low, becoming the focus of media attention, to see fishermen's boat stopped at the bottom of the lake, it is very shocking. Pay attention to ecological problems, so it is in the works.

Poyang, Beijing, China

A part of the works is a ship from Poyang Lake, which injected water, the fish, the fish with light dynamic mapping out, when the balance of nature is being destroyed, the human face will always be the natural punishment. Does the ship of water become a boat? Another part of the 365 sea of glass float is made into an inverted form, with light color bubble forming device of feeling, a symbol of the future of the sea, to ask questions, the lake ecosystem has been destroyed, then the sea and how long?

Each audience's understanding of the work is different. I'd rather listen to the audience's ideas about my work. In the creative process, you can freely play a work, I feel very happy.


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