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Lighting device works: tree "heartbeat""

Whether it is the Tiantan, Ditan, the Imperial Palace and old trees, they are now in the cultural, traditional, silent symbol. Their existence is around us, and we can't make our own voice. I want my work to give these silent cultural opportunities for us to communicate with him and feel his voice.

From the earliest learning to start drawing, has been associated with light,

In fact, what the eyes see is formed in the shape of light, so that people can perceive. Sometimes the light has the quality of the spiritual level, which can bring people the touch of the soul.

China Beijing tree "heartbeat"

My name is tree works "heartbeat", when walking in the Ditan people first heard "bang", "bang" sound, and saw in the distance under the trees with a white box with the heartbeat, inside light beating, just as the human heart. As people get closer and closer to the tree, the heart beats faster, and the white box turns red and the lights change. I hope I stand in front of the work of each person has his own feelings, some people may think that he is in a hundred years old trees in the exchange, also some people may think that he saw the tree after he love heart, I prefer to understand the tree is actually very afraid of people close to him, because he didn't know what would you do to him? Or someday, because some people decide, they're gone.

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