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Hotel Chongqing night lighting Cui Chen of the brilliant (three)

The banquet hall is a focus of the five star hotel, Doubletree by Hilton banquet hall between indoor and outdoor, outdoor art lamps from us through the dark environment gradually transition to the warm front room, the light is not abrupt, does not prevent the party guests wait for the rest, let the guests into the banquet hall in the bright wall wash light guide under the. According to the lighting design experience for many years, DPL has designed a variety of lighting modes such as welcome, Chinese food, Western food, performance, exit and so on. It also has the function of lighting for three small banquet halls.

All day dining outside the aisle, a wooden grid wall uniform especially has the beauty in the uniform brushing ceiling lamp groove, the middle distance as a necessary complement to the ground lamp lighting, comfortable, warm and stylish. Inside the full moon restaurant, the ceiling lights provide comfortable light on the 5m ceiling.

Hotel Chongqing night lighting Cui Chen of the brilliant (three)

We bring the light groove between the decorative design adds downlight, provide a higher level of illumination for the lower face, which can both parties all day dining needs, the surrounding decoration also highlights key lighting decoration highlights, facade light troughs also defines the space visual hierarchy.

With just perfect lights the most exquisite interior design, interior lighting design in the process of Hilton Yi Lin Hotel in Chongqing, DPL and interior designers, owners always maintain good communication, to meet the demand of the light environment in the project, we once again feel the importance of communication and coordination.

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