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Landmark commercial building sales reception lighting (three)

Surrounded by a small auxiliary light source, with the bright lights of the chandelier, the lobby will be dotted with warm and bright. Such a rich source of light in the lobby requires strict and precise illumination level control. Wall, ceiling and floor material will affect the final lighting effect. Close cooperation with lighting designers and interior designers, after studying the decision mainly adopts matte material, and the introduction of intelligent lighting control system, after detailed research identified each light source illumination, angle, color temperature, the input parameters of the control system, the completion of the lighting control set.

Landmark commercial building sales reception lighting (three)

Depth of the privacy requirements of the negotiation room away from other space,

And here to negotiate business customers have a strong intention to buy. The designers hope to bring a warm, cordial and frank atmosphere, for the space and set up two soft light lamp, brought home a general sense of security; the top of the chandelier to do a little modification, will stretch originally designed in the shape of convergence, make the light more uniform and soft: matched with the the depth of the enclosure, negotiation room part we choose grille amber glass and deep wood tones, bring a soft golden light is light, warm over a more low-key luxury, just with the the Mixc temperament.


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