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Work before lighting design: component testing and acceptance

Methods of test and acceptance of components are as follows:

First, switch box and internal components, all kinds of switches (including pull switch, move the switch, button switch, fan speed switch etc.), lamps, sockets and other components of the appearance should be complete, no significant mechanical damage and deformation, complete accessories, paint or plating, welding seam without cracks. Switch should be flexible, off the sound of normal, clear and visible signs. All components shall have product qualification certificate and instruction manual, complete rules of nameplate.

Second, specifications, models, quantity, the number of switch boxes should be consistent with the design drawings.

Third, with the sooV test of the elements of the phase and phase, phase, the normal part of the electric charge and the normal part of the insulation resistance should not be less than 1 Mn.

Fourth, switching characteristics with a multimeter ohmmeter test switch, disconnect the one or two closed.0; for the knife switch and fuse knife should also check the contact tightness and reliability, the port must be close contact with the edge of the gate, should be positive, binding screws or crimp fuse with screw thread engagement should be good.

Fifth, insulation specifications should comply with the design requirements, neat appearance, fresh insulation intact, a certificate, and shall lead the DC resistance test leads when necessary the diameter of multi core line to measure insulation resistance of core and core (soov tramegger).

DC resistance test should be carried out between the head and the tail of the entire wire, but also to find out whether the middle line. Wire diameter measurement using a micrometer.

Sixth, the circuit breaker should be done overload and short circuit test, and according to the situation of the load will be over 1.5 times the rated current of the rated current of 1.2 times. Single phase small circuit breaker has been set up in the factory, but no need to reset. Contactors, buttons and relays shall be tested as required. Instrument (voltage meter, ammeter, electric energy meter) must be checked, no verification certificate to be tested, in particular, electric energy meter, must be verified before installation.

Seventh, check the meter box, control box wiring is correct, firm and reliable.

Eighth, single-phase electrical equipment such as single-phase motor, fan, air conditioner etc. in addition to the appearance of the certificate examination, usually should test the insulation resistance, single-phase motor three-phase motor according to the necessary testing project, after passing the electricity test, normal operation before installation.

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