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The conditions of civil engineering in lighting design

Civil engineering conditions are as follows:

First, civil engineering has been basically completed, in addition to the decoration of the decoration with lights, the other renovation works have been completed, the room has been cleaned, doors and windows, glass and door locks have been installed.

Second, all the boxes in the pipeline, with civil when according to the design requirements of embedded pipe and iron box has strong welding spot welding, open wiring block, T iron is embedded according to the design requirements, otherwise it should be repaired.

Third, and civil engineering related to the hole has been reserved and the location of the elevation section to meet the design requirements; the box at the plaster or decoration to meet the requirements, the wrong place has been repaired.

Fourth, line, box and other embedded embedded parts elevation, position, specifications and quantity after acceptance; the same element (such as switch, socket, box) elevation inconsistencies should be in coordination with the qualified civil dressing.

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