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Lighting design and installation of lamps

The lighting circuit and the single-phase electrical equipment requirements in installation: one is to make the capacity to balance three-phase, and ensure zero line capacity and the strength and is not easy to disconnect enough; the two is to control the phase (FireWire); the three is to pay attention to the perceptual components (such as fluorescent lamp ballast, single phase motor) in the loop conductor section selection; four is to ensure that the lighting and equipment installation and wiring of the beautiful and neat correct and reliable; five is to pay attention to the ground or zero protection.

Lighting circuit and single-phase electrical equipment installation procedures are components of the inspection, testing, the laying of the line, control box, lamps and switch components of the installation, wiring, test lights until the completion of the acceptance process.

The installation of lighting circuit and single-phase electrical equipment shall comply with the requirements for the construction and acceptance of electrical installations.

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