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Design of underwater underwater color lighting

The flower shaped nozzle around the water in the fountain all installed some underwater lamps, lamp lit at night, you can see the water fountain with various colors jump in space, to form a colorful pattern, picture is better than the day.

1 underwater lighting

The different requirements of the water tank in the deep water under the general requirements of adequate illumination and visibility of a certain distance. Due to the limitation of the power of the light source and the transmission ability of different colors of light in the water, it is necessary to select a specific color to obtain a larger lighting distance. The general use of special gas discharge lamp or incandescent lamp as a light source, considering the pressure in the water under the pressure, the lamp diameter is relatively small.

The shallow water color lighting in the pool is set up to meet the requirements of the viewing. Because of the shallow water, the pressure is small, the caliber of the lamp can be done relatively large.

2 light source and lamp for underwater lighting

Fountain under the use of light from the light bulb to divide, can be divided into two categories:

(1) color light bulb: the neck of the bulb is sealed and installed directly into the water.

The advantage of this kind of lamp is simple structure and low cost. The shortcoming is: the shell is blown glass, very thin, and low mechanical strength, easily broken; mirror due to technical reasons could not be very accurate, resulting in condenser performance not good; not set in the prism glass surface, so it is unable to adjust the beam divergence angle; angle of illumination lamps can not be adjusted; when the bubble shell the neck is not slightly rounded, affect the sealing performance of lamps. Its average service life is from 500h.

(2) enclosed light bulb: a colorless bulb with a metal shell, a heat resistant glass of different colors, and a sealed rubber ring seal between the heat resistant glass and the lamp. Replace the color filter glass, you can get red, yellow (tiger), green, blue, colorless and transparent five colors. The basic properties of color filter glass sheet are shown in Table 5 - 21. The lamp can be installed in different beam width of the closed underwater bulb, get several different light intensity, different beam width results, see Table 5 - 22. The beam divergence angle is defined as the angle between the two sides of the optical axis when the light intensity is reduced to 1. The narrow light beam is shaped like a tip from the bulb. The shape of the light beam is similar to the rectangle, and the long side is called the horizontal direction.

Table 5 - 21 basic properties of color glass slides



The main wavelength range (nm)

Visible light transmittance of g%



610 - 635



Yellow (Amber)

585 - 595




495 - 545




460 - 485





The use of color is slightly lower than A Ju CIE light source (2 856K) light transmittance determination. The thickness of the glass used for side timing is the average thickness of the actual use.

The advantages of this lamp is: by pressing the colored glass filter, high mechanical strength, can withstand certain foreign body throw hammer; sealing surface color glass filter after mechanical grinding, reliable sealing; projection angle adjustment fixture, the horizontal direction can be 360. Turn the vertical direction to pitch in the 1800 range; enclosed by glass bulb protective glass and pressing the pressed reflector surface, the reflector can be very accurate, with the reflective layer, a condensing good performance, and in protecting the glass prism can suppress the various types of light sources, will be issued the reflector of light intensity distribution with different redistribution, the fountain flower type requirements.

At present, the rated voltage of the sealed lamp is two 12V and 220V, the power is 300W. 12V voltage applied to the swimming pool and other places where the human body may contact the water, 220V Chuan in the general fountain.

3 control methods of underwater lighting

(1) time control: the color flashing controller can automatically change all kinds of light colors according to the preset degree. The first look is also very good, but a long time will be able to see the change in the law of light. Add some water fountains according to degree of control changes, then the changes of water and light is not in tune, the audience's interest will be reduced but its control equipment is simple, so it is still in use in many fountains.

(2) voice control: it makes the water column with the rhythm of the music changes, the color of the light and the number of lights have also changed accordingly, so that more spectacular. This is the original sound control device. It consists of a small dedicated computer and a set of executive components and audio equipment, etc., more complex. The change of light and music, almost no delay. But the water sprayed by the change of current and pipeline than sound and lighting a few slow seconds, even tens of seconds, so it must be according to the actual situation of the pipeline, in advance sends signals to control the water, the sound, light and water in three, changing the pattern and shape a riot of colours become a harmonious the color of water ballet.

4 fountain underwater lighting set

(1) the color of the light: the color of the lamp is only five, but the use of light color principle, the appropriate configuration can be a variety of colors: at the same time, to prevent the superposition of white light, resulting in local color disappear. The transmission light through a variety of colors of the heat-resistant glass filter ratio varies greatly, such as transparent or yellow (tiger) color of the transmission ratio is higher than other color several times to ten times, so to control the use of the color, to avoid a single color. In the nozzle are arranged around the various color lights, the audience can see on the back of the nozzle arranged in the lamp "color than near light color is more obvious, so will the high transmittance of light around the side close to the audience. Taking into account the above the line of sight above the water column can be more effective to show the color, it is necessary to adjust the light on the water column of the irradiation site in order to achieve the best performance.

(2) lighting installation depth under water resistant color glass top mounted under the surface of 30 - 100mm (in the depth of dynamic fountain) is appropriate, too deep will reduce the light intensity caused by light absorbed by water too much, generally to achieve the optimum depth according to the water depth and the election of 1250 to 500 mm the height of the lamp. If the water is too deep, it should be built with high base height; some can not be installed under water lights, should ensure the cooling water of the filter glass sheet is uninterrupted, and do first after the water lights, turn off the lights after water and electrical interlocking device.

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