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Waterscape design skills

The city's fountain, fountain, waterfall, water curtain and other water is also the focus of the pan lighting. Because these water features are dynamic, if accompanied by music is particularly moving. Lakes and ponds are a perfect mirror for reflecting the environment.

1 fountain lights the best layout in the next to the jet of water, or water in place bu. Can also be two, as shown in Figure 5 - 36a, B, as shown. When water is injected into the water column, water is integrated into the beam, which has the greatest density of water. Because the air and water have different refractive index, so that part of the light is like being tied down in the water column, the floodlights with a narrow beam, the effect is particularly significant. In the fall, such as rain water, lamps best dip under the surface is about 10 cm, so that the falling droplets produce sparkling effect.

2 water curtain or water curtain cloth or explosion sends red lighting should be installed in the water at the bottom of the fall, as shown in Figure 5 shows a 37a. The luminous flux of the lamp depends on the height of the waterfall and the thickness of the water curtain, as well as the degree of water curtain dispersion caused by the shape of the outlet. As shown in Figure 5, a 37B shows that the water flow of the step type water curtain is slow and the gap is small. If you can change the color of light, can be more lively. The direction of the light emitted by the lamp can be horizontal or vertical, as shown in Figure 5, 37c.

Fountain lamp

Water curtain or cloth cloth

3 the still water and the still water of the pond or the slow flow of water reflect all the objects on the shore. If the object has been floodlit shore good, and the reflection in the water side by side. If the water is not completely stationary but slightly perturbed. The light can be used to irradiate the surface of the water, the ripples of water ripples and the feeling of sparkling light are obtained. The feeling of light on the shore, it is reflected in the building wall surface is also very touching. The object of striking and extended shore on the surface of the objects such as reclining trees, on the shore to lighting, can be immersed in water under light illumination.

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