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Lighting designers must master the skills and qualities

Lighting designers use the same skills as urban planners and theater lighting designers. Like architects, landscape architects and urban planners, they have the following qualities:

Sense of volume and space.

The application of perspective and vertical surface.

The ability to quickly interpret and draw the plan, construct the ability of perspective, and the ability to compile the project text.

Ability to organize, manage and supervise on site.

Knowledge of engineering and durability.

The lighting designer has the following skills, as well as the electrical engineer who is familiar with the general lighting problems (e.g., roads, parking lots, etc.):

Knowledge of mainstream light sources and types of lamps.

The understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the current mainstream light sources and lamps.

Knowledge of safety regulations.

The ability to calculate the lighting, material and construction cost.

Ability to check the quality and quantity of the project and whether it meets the standards.

To understand the maintenance problems.

Like "showbiz" lighting designers, they have to know how to read and think in a "light" way, sketch a concept, create an atmosphere with light, and operate the lighting fixtures and accessories.

Like optical experts, they must know how to design and control reflectors and optical accessories to optimize lighting effects.

Finally, they want to have some of the artists can do in the initial planning phase of the project to draw a "night view". Use these paintings or images to show the lighting effects that are envisioned to be "models" that allow owners to "see" lighting effects and present their ideas.


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