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Technical requirements for installation and installation of indoor lighting lines

Lighting circuit is usually used in surface plate, plastic sheath wire, porcelain insulator, plywood (commonly known as the porcelain column or porcelain) wire laying method, specification of these lines of table 6 - 1.

Laying lighting lines, to make the line layout reasonable, neat, strong installation.

1 General technical requirements for indoor Teaching

(1) working voltage rated voltage by using wire should be larger than the line, wire insulation should be installed and laid with line conditions, wire cross-sectional area should be able to meet the requirements of mechanical strength and power supply.

(2) wiring should be avoided when the wire connector, when there must be joint, the best use of crimping and welding joints, and the plastic sheath line is usually located in the junction box and lamp box, wire connection should not be subjected to mechanical force in the branch.

(3) when the wire passes through the floor, the steel pipe shall be used for protection, and the length of the steel pipe shall be from the height of the Zm from the floor to the bottom of the floor.

(4) the conductor shall be protected by porcelain tube through the wall. The length of the porcelain pipe needs to be extended to 10 mm of the wall surface with L, so as to prevent the contact between the conductor and the wet wall.

(5) when the wires are crossed with each other, they shall be sheathed with an insulating sleeve on each wire, and the casing is firmly fixed without moving.

(6) in order to ensure the safe use of electricity, the minimum distance between the indoor electrical and distribution equipment and other piping and equipment is shown in the table

2 steps of interior wiring

(1) determine the position of lamps, sockets, switches and distribution boxes according to the pattern J

(2) determine the location of the line along the building and the location of the wall or floor,

(3) will support the fixed point lay hole (hole), installed insulation support (aluminum sheet card, plate, or porcelain porcelain etc.).

(4) laying wires.

(5) connect wire, branch and seal properly, connect wire and electrical appliance.

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