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General installation method of interior lighting design circuit

The wiring plastic sheath wiring of the 1 sheathed wire is suitable for the drying room.

(1) positioning line: first determine the starting point and start point, and then use the line between two points on this bag draw position of wire lines, according to the requirements set out in a distance of 200 mm fixed aluminum card (also known as the aluminum skin chuck, chuck steel) position, away from the switch, socket, wooden table lamp the (also known as logs, Fang Mu) at 80 mm and 50 mm wire turn on both sides of the fixed point can be aluminum card.

(2) fixed aluminum card: in the concrete structure can be fixed with epoxy resin cat knot. In the wooden structure, can be nailed nails. In the thick layer of ash on the wall, but also can be used to direct the small nail aluminum plate card. When the aluminum sheet is fixed by epoxy resin, the cat surface of the building should be wiped with a steel wire brush before bonding, and then the prepared adhesive is coated on the surface of the fixed point and the contact surface of the aluminum sheet bottom surface. The application of drilling agent should be uniform and the coating should be thin. When the finger can be a little bit of pressure, so that the two cats have good contact surface. Stick well, the general need to maintain L 2 days, after the knot can be hard to fix the wire can be deposited.

(3) laying wire: when laying the sheath line in the horizontal direction, if the line is short, in order to facilitate the construction, according to the actual needs of the length of cut, put it up. When the utility model is used, a wire is supported by one hand, and a conducting wire is fixed on the aluminum sheet card by one hand. If the line is long, and a plurality of wires are laid together at the same time, the wire can be hung by a rope, so that the weight of the wire can not be borne by the aluminum sheet. Then the wire placed flat and fastened by the root, and then gently pat the walls close. Vertical laying should be from top to bottom in order to operate.

At the corner of the laying of the sheath line, bending wire when the force should be uniform. The bending radius should not be less than 6 times the width of the wire. The wire through the walls and floor also wear in the protection tube.

The connection of the sheath wire is best placed on the switch, lamp holder or socket, in order to be neat, beautiful and reliable. If the connector can not be placed in these places, the junction box can be installed, the connector in the junction box.

After the laying of the wire, it is necessary to check whether the laying line is flat and vertical. The method is: use the planks one straight on the line (ruler) laying next to, if not completely close to the wire strip, can be tapped on the wooden handle, let the edges of the wire close to the panel, the straight line. The wiring pattern of the plastic sheath for fixing the aluminum sheet with a cat knot, as shown in Figure 6 - 1.

2 porcelain and porcelain porcelain column wiring splint splint (plastic splint) a porcelain column (drum insulator) is a thin, poor mechanical strength, therefore only applicable to Sichuan is small and dry place, porcelain column can support a larger diameter wire, so frequently in local electricity larger and more humid.

The process of positioning and drawing lines of porcelain and porcelain column is approximately the same as that of the plastic sheath wire. The specific size requirements from table 6 - 1, the fixed epoxy resin is also often used to paste the paste method, as shown in Figure 6 - 2.

Method for fixing cat knot with ring weight resin

1 node agent 2 drill cleats 3 countersunk head bolt 4 wire 5 6 porcelain column binding wire

The wire should be straight. And when the need to add casing, the casing should be calculated and the number of length, according to the order in advance.

When the wire is fixed on the porcelain splint and the porcelain column, the wire should be started at the end of the wire. If the wire should be bent straight after laying.

When the wire passes through the wall, the wire shall be passed through the pre embedded porcelain pipe and fixed on both sides of the wall with a porcelain column or a porcelain splint. When the wire from the wet dry person housing housing, porcelain tube ends application of asphalt rubber seal, to prevent moisture penetration. When the wire passes through the floor, the wire should also be worn in the pre buried steel pipe. When the utility model is used for threading, the insulating sheath is arranged at both ends of the steel pipe, and then the threading is carried out.

When the porcelain column wiring, should be placed on the same side of the porcelain column, or at the same time on the outside of the porcelain column, but can not be placed on the inside of the porcelain column.

The wiring method of the plywood is shown in Figure 6 - 3. The porcelain column wiring method is shown in Figure 6 - 4.

Porcelain plywood wiring (unit: mm)

Porcelain column wiring (unit: mm)

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