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Principles of energy saving in lighting design

The principle to be followed in the formulation of energy conservation policies, regulations and measures is to ensure that there is adequate lighting quantity and quality of the premise, as far as possible to save electricity. Lighting energy saving is mainly through the use of energy-efficient lighting products, improve quality, optimize lighting design and other means to achieve the purpose of benefit.

In order to save electricity for lighting, the principles of the International Commission on illumination (CIE) are as follows:

First, according to the visual needs, determine the level of lighting.

Second, to get the required lighting energy-saving lighting design.

Third, considering the color of the high light source.

Fourth, the use of high efficiency without glare.

Fifth, indoor surface with high reflectance material.

Sixth, the combination of lighting and air-conditioning systems.

Seventh, do not need to set off the lights or variable device.

Eighth, the use of artificial lighting and natural lighting without glare and difference.

Ninth, regular cleaning of lighting appliances and indoor surface, the establishment of lights and maintenance system.

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