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The origin of light art

The sun, the moon, the stars, and the light of the fire were associated with the life of the primitive man, alternating with the sun and the sun, and the day and night. The invention of the fire, the human has entered a new stage of civilization, the fire can be used not only for lighting, heating, barbecue food, in the evening, the original people hold the torch around the fire, dancing, piles of red light reflected a picture of joy and joy in the face, a string of dancing dragon snake torch structure growth, this is the early of the light of the original light art prototype.

With the invention and creation of artificial light sources, such as fire, candle, oil lamp, gas lamp and electric lamp, human beings have crossed one civilization stage, and entered the high-tech era of lighting. Due to the popularity of the rapid development of artificial lighting technology and artificial light, people's nightlife has become more and more rich and colorful, light art as a new art form, the people's living space look more beautiful. In the modern art design, stage art design, interior decoration and so on, the lighting art and the early lighting design have been widely used.

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