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The art of lighting design

The role of light on the visual function of people play a very important role, because there is no light and no color and color, but also can not see everything. Light is not only the physical needs of human visual object shape, space, color, but also beautify the environment must be a material condition. Light can form space, but also can change the space; not only beautify the space, but also destroy the empty space. Different lighting not only illuminates all kinds of space, but also can create different space artistic conception. The same space, if the use of lighting in different ways, different position, angle and direction, different shaped lamps, different light intensity and color, can obtain the visual space effect varied, such as sometimes bright and spacious, sometimes dull repressed; sometimes warm and comfortable, sometimes restless; sometimes joyful. Sometimes eerie; sometimes warm and sometimes cold, cold; sometimes romantic quiet, sometimes mysterious feeling, charm is change unpredictably light.

In the light, people and objects will produce changes in the level of light and shade and shadow, and in the visual design of three-dimensional lighting. If you change the light spectral composition, luminous flux, light intensity, projection position and direction, various changes will produce color, shading, shading, contour, and interface, the use of light is an important means of artistic rendering environment art atmosphere and contrast character. As a portrait photography, if you take the top light illumination, then face to serious, cold and gloomy feeling; if you take the top half side light, then the face contour clear, give a person with outgoing, smart feeling; if multiple light source lighting light, can give a person with easy-going, the feeling of a good mood; if the orientation of direct lighting, will give people a feeling of anger, terror, cruelty. LightScribe is a new form of modern art, artists use lamp glass, ice, transparent plastics made of transparent materials with various shapes, light from the internal or external irradiation, give full play to the physical characteristics of transmission, through the projection light refraction, reflection, a splendid three-dimensional art. Some use of small color bulbs, lamp, neon lamp, optical fiber and other lighting materials, direct lighting pattern constitutes a riot of colours.

The lights and music with each other and comprehensive artistic creation in modern performance art and environment art is very popular, such as modern rock star performances, the use of shading, color, intensity of light, the color changing stage, so that fans revel in a fast-paced dreamy and super realistic world, thus forming a the unique artistic charm of lighting design. Again, the lights and music for music fountain, piazza, dance hall, skating rink and commercial buildings and other environmental art atmosphere, the designers use the computer program control lights and music compilation, the rhythm of the music synchronized with the light intensity and waved, to obtain sound, light and color art effect.

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