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Why outdoor lighting fixtures must be set up RCD protection?

[question] why outdoor lighting must be set up RCD protection?


Why outdoor lighting fixtures must be set up RCD protection?

(1) for city road lighting, should carry out the "city road lighting design standards" CJJ45-2006. if they set RCD, should be integrated into the distribution system of power supply, grounding resistance and short circuit sensitivity factors determined.

(2) building landscape lighting, the implementation of the "civil building electrical design code," article of the JGJ16-2008, "(building landscape lighting) outdoor branch lines should be equipped with residual current action protector".

RCD is easy to error tripping and its solution, nothing more than two categories:

(1) the leakage current of the circuit is too large. At this point, the use of double insulated cable, the use of a high level of protection products or shorten the length of the line, reducing the number of lamps installed in the loop, etc..

(2) the leakage current of RCD itself is faulty. RCD if used as a direct contact protection of additional protection or indirect contact protection, the residual action current should not exceed 30mA; RCD if used only to improve the circuit short circuit sensitivity, RCD rating can choose more than 30mA.

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