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What are the key points of quality control in the construction of electrical lighting installation?

The key points of construction quality control of building electrical lighting installation?

Hard flame retardant plastic pipe laying project

Key points of construction quality control of building electrical lighting installation

1 quality standards

(1) to ensure that the project of the plastic pipe prime oxygen index should comply with the relevant provisions of the 92DQ5 standard atlas of North china. Plastic pipe shall not be placed in the outdoor high temperature and vulnerable to mechanical damage. Inspection methods: check test data, observation and inspection.

(2) basic projects

(3) when the pipeline is connected, the adhesive is used to connect tightly and firmly, and the pipe and its support and hanger should be straight, firm and orderly.

(4) steel pipe laying works

(5) metal wire protection tube, box, box and bracket grounding (earthing), wire laying should meet the following requirements: connect closely, grounding (earthing) line section of the right part of the uniform anticorrosive painting, no omissions, reasonable route, color is accurate, no pollution after brushing equipment and buildings. Test method: observation and examination.

2 easy to occur in the construction of quality problems

(1) support and hanger fixation: the main reason is the expansion of the metal bolt fastening nut, welding or welding parts, should be timely to tighten the bolts on the nut will open welding to weld. Metal expansion bolt is not fixed, or eat too deep or too many walls, too large deviation caused by drilling, should be promptly repaired.

(2) at the end of the welding part of the bracket or hanger, do the antiseptic treatment: the antirust paint should be cleaned in time.

(3) the diameter of the ground wire and the diameter of the screw shall not meet the requirements.

(4) when the broken wire passes through the deformation joint of the building, it is not processed, the groove of the deformation joint should be disconnected, and the two ends of the deformation joint shall be fixed to protect the earth wire and the wire.

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