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LED lighting installation is a professional

Lighting is a special kind of building materials products. According to the traditional classification, lamps with lighting function, is one of eight types of traditional building materials. In the "light decoration, re decoration" era, because the appearance of lighting has a certain degree of decoration, is also considered to be a kind of "soft pack" category. The appearance of beautiful lighting for home space, but also an important decoration. Therefore, in the decoration and installation of lighting, scientific installation, to avoid damage or improper installation of the normal use of lamps, it is very important.

LED lighting installation is a professional

Premise: safety first

The installation of lighting is a professional, involving the use of electricity, nailing and other professional construction. For ordinary owners, these knowledge is too esoteric, it is not easy to understand clearly. For the owners, the acceptance of lighting must first determine whether the lamp is firmly installed. This is not easy to make a mistake, but once ignored, it is easy for the family to bring potential security risks. Especially for ceiling lamps, chandeliers and other installed at the height of the lighting, once the installation of light loose, there is likely to hit the risk of people. Therefore, the acceptance, the industry is the first to turn off the power supply, when the lamp does not heat, shake, push a push light, see whether the installation is solid. After confirming the reliable installation of lamps, but also to observe lamp wire is exposed, wire interface is neat, no damage, lighting appearance without damage. In addition, but also turn on the lights in each space, see whether there is a problem, whether the total power beyond the charge. Once there is a problem, let the decoration company timely correction, so as to avoid the existence of security risks.

Different lamps attention points

Generally speaking, different Home Furnishing space will use different lamps, such as the living room often use the chandeliers, ceiling lamps, kitchen and bathroom with ceiling lamps, aisle, bedroom wall lamp, bed lamp may be used. Installation of different lamps, we should pay attention to the problem is not the same. For example, the main lamp in the living room is installed on the ceiling. Therefore, we must first know the ceiling can bear the weight of ordinary commercial housing should not choose too heavy light. In general, the living room ceiling lamps, chandeliers weight more than 1kg, you need to use expansion bolts. According to the weight of the lamp, the type is different, the bolt specifications, quantity is also different, this should be in good communication with the decoration master. In addition to the installation of ceiling lamp light bulb, also involved in the installation of the end seat. The base size of the ceiling lamp is different, but also according to the size of the lamp to reserve the position, which is also to communicate in advance. If it is installed in the bathroom, the kitchen ceiling, but also pay attention to water, smoke, insulation treatment, to avoid short circuit. In addition, wall lamps, bedside lamp and other lamps in general less weight, simple structure, set up a little easier. However, these lamps are installed in the reach of the position, we must do insulation. If the metal case, should also be grounded, to ensure safe use.

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