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Why lighting design?

Light is a kind of magical material, it will show the material world in front of us, so that the object becomes visible. The light can still play the role of modified space without changing the space completely. For example, the use of light can increase or reduce the feeling of space, so that there is no correlation between the space, to distinguish between different regions, or for the space color. Light can also help memory, make people associate, affect people's emotions. At the same time, because the light itself has a lot of physical characteristics, these physical characteristics of the different, resulting in the object in the eyes of the people will also have a great difference in the image. For example, the intensity of the object is determined by the brightness of the object; the color of the light and the color rendering affect the color of the subject's performance; the direction of light affects the image of the object, such as three-dimensional and shadow, glare, etc..

Practice has proved that, in order to reasonably create a comfortable light environment, should take into account the illuminance, illumination direction, uniformity, contrast, color, color and glare and other physical parameters, but also consider the different activities of people in that environment. Therefore, only to the main function of photopic illumination and comfortable lighting environment mainly organically, it is possible to achieve this purpose, the means to achieve this, is the lighting design.

Similarly, if the lighting design only consider the physical characteristics such as illumination, color rendering, only to meet the visual environment of the best working environment, while ignoring the psychological aspects of the visual environment, the results are often disappointing. Only by fully taking into account the needs of people's activities and psychological characteristics, focusing on the feelings of people in order to meet the lighting design to maximize the enjoyment of the visual environment.

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