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What is the impact of urban traffic lights on traffic safety?

Urban traffic, motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians, motor vehicles can be used in a reasonable relationship between traffic safety. Urban road lighting is generally better, as far as possible not to open the motor vehicle or as short as possible to open the high beam. Because, as long as there is a car on the road to open the high beam, according to the poor sight, the same will be high beam to compensate for visibility, thus forming a vicious cycle. What is more, the individual will be replaced by motor vehicle driver car headlights xenon lamp strong illumination, high power, light emitted as searchlights, causing light pollution, other drivers and pedestrians are not only affected by the glare, visual acuity, and after a few seconds of vertigo (because adaptation ability), and feel the white unable to adapt to the normal traffic at night, great impact on traffic safety. Therefore, in urban areas as far as possible not to open the car or as short as possible to open the high beam, while the motor vehicle need to guard against glare baffle.


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