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How to control the glare of road lighting?

When we walk or drive on the road, we have had a bad feeling of being stabbed in the front, above the ground or above, which is the most common road lighting. Glare can make people feel tired and uncomfortable, but also affect the control of the target object, which will obviously have an important impact on road lighting. According to the standard of road lighting recommended by the International Commission on illumination, the three technical indexes of road lighting are presented, which are the average road surface brightness, the evenness of road surface and the limited glare.

So, how to control the unpleasant, and often appear glare?

It is found that the short wave component in the light is more likely to cause glare, so it is the easiest way to control the short wave component in the light or avoid using the light source with more short wave components. As it is generally believed that in the night road lighting, metal halide lamp in the light and color are better than the high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, but the short wave component is relatively more, taking into account the rain and snow will have a greater effect on the visual disturbance source HF components, is not conducive to Cha Jue on the target, and short wave more easily due to the emergence of glare, and more rain and snow weather, road lighting is the best illumination with relatively long wave components of high pressure sodium lamp.

In addition, the type of light interception of the appropriate provisions can also play a role in the control of glare.

In our country, the standard of urban road lighting design is divided into five levels according to the figure in the standard of urban road lighting design.

Urban road lighting standards


Road type

glare restriction



Strictly prohibit the use of non cutting light


Main road and Yingbin Road, main road, city center or commercial center road, large traffic hub

Strictly prohibit the use of non cutting light


Secondary roads

Shall not be used for non cutting light


Access Rd

Shall not be used for non cutting light


Main roads and sidewalks for pedestrians and non motor vehicles

No restrictions on the use of lamps

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