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How to create an indoor green light environment?

"Green light environment" is a scientific and rational design of indoor lighting, to achieve environmental protection, health, energy saving and beautiful and comfortable indoor light effect, green light environment should include the following 6 aspects:

1) functional requirements. Interior lighting design must comply with the requirements of the function, according to different space, different occasions, different objects to choose different lighting methods and lamps, and to ensure proper illumination and brightness. If the bedroom to warm, study and kitchen to bright and practical.

2) aesthetic requirements. People can be controlled by the light, looming, and strength of iambic rhythm and different shapes, materials, light color, proportion, scale, light rays and give full play to the role of color, flavor to the indoor environment.

3) coordination requirements. In the selection and design of lighting and lamps, one is to consider the lighting and interior decoration and furniture style harmony. Two is to pay attention to the size of the lamp and the room space, the total area, indoor height and other conditions of coordination, select the size, type and number of lamps. Three is to pay attention to the coordination of color, that is, cool colors, depending on the use of warm colors.

4) comfort requirements. The scientific and reasonable indoor lighting layout should be careful to avoid glare, to reasonable distribution of light source, ceiling light bright, make people feel bright and cheerful, the ceiling space increases, the dim light of space, make people feel depressed.

5) economic requirements. Indoor lighting is to meet the needs of people visual physiology and aesthetic psychology, not necessarily to as well, with a strong win, the key is scientific and reasonable, otherwise it will cause energy waste and economic losses, at the same time we should vigorously promote the use of energy-saving and green light source.

6) safety requirements. Lighting materials produced by a variety of glass, ceramic crystal clear and bright, but brittle. Plastic lamps are beautiful, but easy to aging. Metal lamps are shiny and strong, but easy to conduct electricity, leakage and short circuit. Lamp bracket, base, etc. must be fastened, some lighting metal components, wiring, copper screws, plastic wire, switches, etc., if there is damage to be replaced in a timely manner.

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