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Why UV germicidal lamp is a high hazard level products?

Low pressure ultraviolet germicidal lamp mainly rely on the radiation of the 253.7nm short wave ultraviolet light to sterilization, disinfection, some lamps also radiate 185nm ultraviolet light, ozone in the air, also has the role of sterilization.

International Lighting Wei standard "light and lamp system of biological safety" provides that the hazard level of the lamp is four: harmless level, low hazard level, medium level and high risk level. Provisions of high risk level is: 254nm UV irradiance physics is greater than or equal to 6 W/cm, or damage; effective irradiance is greater than or equal to 3 mu W/cm 2. The amount of radiation exposure damage threshold provisions for people, 6mJ/cm (physical exposure radiation), or 3mJ/cm (effective radiation exposure damage). Ultraviolet germicidal lamp in the general application of the conditions of radiation is extremely easy to exceed the above value, which is a high-risk products. For example: 30W germicidal lamp, 1m ultraviolet irradiation for 107 W/cm, and in less than 1min time (about 56S) physical exposure amount of radiation that reached 6mJ/cm 2.

At present, in addition to factories, hospitals, home use ultraviolet lamp sterilization, disinfection products more and more, so in use must have strict protection measures and meet the corresponding requirements, in order to ensure the reasonable application.

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