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Daily life of ultraviolet rays on the skin, eyes what harm?

In recent years, people have come to realize that excessive ultraviolet light causes photochemical reactions, which can cause a series of changes in the human body function, especially for the skin, eyes and the immune system. Ultraviolet rays in daily life are mainly from sunlight. Of course, in addition to the sun, artificial light sources such as fluorescent lamp, ballroom blue light, mosquito killing lamp and ultraviolet germicidal lamp radiation of different degrees of UVA and UVB uv.

Sunlight in the ultraviolet damage to the skin mainly in acute sunburn or skin tanning, sunburn, or pigmentation of skin photoaging, induce or sensitive skin disease and net caused by other biological damage, including skin cancer.

Strong sunlight tens of minutes or even ten minutes can make the skin erythema, edema and even blisters after acute injury of the skin appears rough, dehydration, can also be secondary pigmentation, the phenomenon of sunburn. Ultraviolet radiation caused by sunburn is mainly ultraviolet (UVB).

The basic change of skin aging is the appearance of thick and deep wrinkles. The aging of the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation is mainly UVA, UVA penetration ability is strong, 35%-50% can reach the dermal layer of the skin, so that the dermis of mature collagen reduction, elastic fiber degeneration. UVA damage to the skin is a cumulative process, long-term UVA irradiation gradually led to the above lesions. Recently, the earth's ozone layer to reduce the rate of 1% per year, while the ozone layer thinning of each of the 1%, the ground UV intensity will increase by 1%-2%, some studies have concluded that the incidence of human skin cancer will increase by 3%.

Strong ultraviolet radiation can damage the eye tissue, leading to conjunctivitis, damage to the cornea, lens, UV is the main cause of cataract. In the middle of the summer at noon, observe the sun exposure of a page of white paper for a few minutes, you can achieve the degree of harm to the eyes, to prevent the eyes from ultraviolet radiation is an effective means to prevent cataract.

Now the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries and some of China's city, has begun to release the UV index forecast of daylight, to remind the public to take appropriate protective measures, at present, the experts of the WHO appealed to people engaged in outdoor activities to avoid a long time in the day light exposure to the seashore and mountain resort with particular attention to the protection of the skin.

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