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Why can fly light trapping mosquitoes and mosquito lamp makes the mosquitoes and flies at a distance?

And different light sources on the insects produce different, this phenomenon is due to the different color, insect spectrum light quality of different decision decision.

Insects, like humans, can tell different colors, but they have different wavelengths. Although the insect can feel the wavelength range of 240mm (Zi Waiguang) -700mm (yellow, orange). Studies have shown that the dragonfly of the color of the visual sense of the best, followed by butterflies and moths, bees can not distinguish between orange and red, green, yellow green and blue bell. Flies and mosquitoes can see colors. The housefly hated the blue, and was reluctant to get close to the blue doors and windows. Mosquitoes can distinguish yellow, blue and black, and prefer black, hate yellow, insects can not feel the general red.

Different illumination and brightness, to attract insects is different, 1000cd/m2 is the light induced area of phototaxis, the most active and mosquito activities in 1LX illumination environment.

According to the different colors and different illumination on insects (brightness) and light, people can create some special lamps. If the lamp is lighting the light fly in the near ultraviolet induces mosquitoes hit grid or drowned. Mosquito repellent lamp is a kind of lamp which is developed by using the characteristics of mosquitoes.

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